Eastern interior (Middling dirtroad )

Nikiana - Skari Hill

A short way past the hermitage of the Aghii Pateres (Holy Fathers) described in Route 1, the next stop on our tour is Skari Hill. Turn left at the road sign. The road is in good state for the first kms. and is then a middling dirt road. This route, which is about 8 kilometres, is suitable for trekking or better still by jeep. So do not get discouraged by the first section of the track. It is one of the loveliest parts of Lefkada’s interior with rare flora, a forest of a rare type of oak (Sikelianos referred to it in Alafroiskioto (The Light-Shadowed) “Forest of oak on your summit”) with an impressive geological formation. At some point on the way, you will come across a wooden gate, but do not think you have made a mistake, simply open it and continue, it was put there by a shepherd who has a rundown pen a little further down, which is unfortunate but must not put you off. The area with its wild imposing beauty offers itself for walking tours. The peak at the end of the route will reward you with a magnificent sight of the islets of Lefkada.
Alternative route: On the way back from the peak you will see a dirt track to the left, to the monastery of Kokkini Ekklisia. This road is recommended for hiking only!

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