Suggested routes around the island combine lively tourist areas and villages where life goes on in the tempo of the past, and villagers go about their work -or spend their time as they always have- sites of historical interest and beaches such as you have never seen, the gentle charm of eastern Lefkada and the wild beauties of the west, and the very different hinterland of the interior.

This is a good way to get to know the island. To know it well, however, is a different matter . It goes without saying that these routes may be adapted to your wishes and mood, and your means of transport. Also, some routes can be combined with others.

The Town's Environs   The Town's Environs »
Eastern Lefkada and the interior ROUTE 1 Eastern Lefkada and the interior »
Nydri - Smaller islands and the surrounding areas ROUTE 2 Nydri - Smaller islands and the surrounding areas »
Meganisi - Kalamos - Kastos ROUTE 3 Meganisi - Kalamos - Kastos »
Western Lefkada - Beaches ROUTE 4 Western Lefkada - Beaches »
South-western Lefkada - Beaches ROUTE 5 South-western Lefkada - Beaches »
Heartland of the interior ROUTE 6 Heartland of the interior
Southern Lefkada ROUTE 7 Southern Lefkada »
Eastern interior ALTERNATIVE ROUTE 1 Eastern interior »
Northern Interior ALTERNATIVE ROUTE 2 Northern Interior
A three day stay in Lefkada   A three day stay in Lefkada »
The Beaches   The beaches »
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