Pharmacies in Lefkada:

Pharmacies are open during normal business hours, from 8:00 AM to 14:00 PM and from 18:00 PM to 20:30 PM. If you are in an emergency situation and you need medicine during the night, a weekend or a holiday you can find out which pharmacy is open by checking the "On Duty" schedule which is posted on every pharmacy's door. Keep in mind that this list of names is always written in Greek. So, if you'd like an English version you can click below:

Pharmacies Lefkada

Useful phone numbers

International phone number prefix for Greece: (0030)

Emergency Ambulance: 166
Lefkada's Hospital: 2645360100 / 60200 / 60300

Emergency number: 100

Lefkada Police: 2645029375
Tourist Police: 2645029379
Road Assistance
Fire Brigade

OTE Telecom: 2645021299
ΔΕΗ Electricity: 2645021250
DEVAL Water: 2645360552
Organizations of Public Utility

Aktion Airport: 2682022355 / 26113
Airport El. Venizelos (Athens): 2103530000

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