Aktion Airport
The Aktion Airport is located on the west side of Central Greece, in Aktion town, 4 km from Preveza and 17 km from Lefkada.

Nearby airports
Ioannina airport - IOA (86 km.)
Kefalonia airport - Argostoli - EFL (93 km.)
Patras Airport - Araxos - GPA (100 km.)
Kerkira airport - CFU (110 km.)
Zakinthos airport - ΖΤΗ (130 km.)

Flights from/to Aktion airport
The airline Sky Express executes weekly itineraries connecting Aktion airport (Lefkada/Preveza) to the following domestic destinations: Sitia (Crete), Kythera, Zante, Kefalonia and Corfu. During the summer months there are direct flights to Aktio airport from several European cities.

Domestic flights to / from Lefkada - Aktion Airport

International flights to / from Lefkada - Aktion Airport

Flights from Athens to Lefkada
If you fly to Athens there is a bus X93 (formerly E93 by OASA company) connecting the El. Venizelos Airport (door 5) with Teminal A, the Athenian bus terminal at Kifisos(100 Kifisou street). The interval is generally 35 minutes (65 at night). From Kifisos bus terminal there are 4 daily itineraries to Lefkada KTEL bus company.

How to get to Lefkada from Aktion airport
There is bus connection (route Lefkada - Preveza) as well as taxi available. You can also rent a car from one of the travel agencies at the airport.

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