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The island has become known because of its famous beaches that are considered the best in the Mediterranean sea. Few people know that the island has a rich and variable life that makes it ideal for alternative tourism. There is an extensive network of paths that are slowly restored to their previous form. In the guide Lefkada on Foot, Mrs Lida Out who comes from Holland, describes in detail 30 walks through which is revealed the unknown Lefkada rare flora canyons, streams and spectacular abandoned monasteries.
Frequently mountaineering clubs from the region organize excursion trips mainly to the mountain of Elati and Stavrotas located at the plateau of Eglouvi, as well as the mountain of Vouni at Kalamos.

There is no better way to explore Lefkada that on foot, enjoying the merciful silence, overwhelming nature and breathtaking views. The urge to keep on discovering new things has brought us to many surprising places, but also to several dead ends. This walking guide brings you, often via old tracks, to the most beautiful spots of the island and introduces you to traditional villages and romantic, dilapidated ruins.
The book includes 30 walks: 26 circular walks and 4 walks from village to village.

The descriptions of the walks are detailed and accurate and the book includes maps, photos, and GPS coordinates. There is also information about the distance, differences in height and the difficulty of the tracks.

Mountain bike / Horse Riding

In addition, as the island is 90% mountainous, it is ideal for mountain biking. Lately, horse riding has become popular. There are riding schools in the valley of Vassiliki and the olive groves of Lefkada.


These are flights with a double parachute and an experienced pilot. It is a marvellous experience, ending with a spectacular landing at Kathisma beach.


The sea area between Lefkada, Ithaki and the opposite mainland coast is considered by experts ideal for boat rides and sailing. This is due to the safe navigation it provides, as there is no extreme weather, and the great variety of sheltered moorings in picturesque bays, harbours and quiet beaches on many scattered islands.
Most of the region is depicted in the photograph below as seen from the Skaroi hill.


The island is a favourite of these sports. Vassiliki and Ai Yiannis beaches are renowned worldwide for the sport and are the venue for international competitions. At Vassiliki the winds in combination with the configuration of the terrain produce an unusual phenomenon, in that the force of the wind increases gradually from early noon to late afternoon, so that conditions are ideal for every level and all performances.


The Ai Yannis area is famous for the thermal wind ideal for kitesurfing. This wind starts to blow in the early afternoon heading west-northwest and coincides with northwest winds. The phenomenon develops during the afternoon and disappears with the sunset.


Lefkada is one of the best and most rewarding diving destinations in Greece.
The stunning bottom topography will amaze all levels of divers. Walls, drop offs, caves and caverns are some of the underwater landscapes of the area.
Lefkada is characterized as a Natura 2000 protected area and its typical Mediterranean temperate reefs are full of life and rich in marine biodiversity.
If you are planning to Visit Lefkada, you shall not miss the opportunity to go diving in the crystal clear blue water at the south and east side of the Island.

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