The site Lefkada Slow Guide was created by publishers fagottobooks, active since 1982 principally in the field of music editions as well as university books. In recent years, motivated by the owner of the publishing house Mr. Nikos Thermos’s returning to his home island of Lefkada, a branch of the publications was extended to focus on Lefkada, which was greeted with particularly favourable response.

The role of this Website is to complement and extend this field, offering the visitor more immediate and vital information about the island.

The visitor to the Website will be able to learn about the history and culture of Lefkada, its sights and sites, beaches and natural beauties. Detailed routes touring the island are proposed, abundantly illustrated with photographs and constantly updated. A well set up commercial register will assist in finding the optimum accommodation in each area selected, where to go for a meal or entertainment, the shops suitable for shopping requirements, give information about excursions or sports and any other service of interest.

All businesses in operation in the island are listed, while those who give their support to the venture - which is incidentally quite costly! - are highlighted.

If you like what is being done, please also support them!


It is the bilingual news portal of the website, that aspires to contribute in what semiologically arises from its logo, meaning the EFZIN (EF ZIN meaning “well being” in Greek) in Lefkada, the place we chose to live.

LEFkada ZIN:
-Shall promote all the subjects related to the quality of life in our daily life
-Shall fight and assert changes in the chronic “anchylosies” that hold down this place and block its development as well as the artistic and spiritual creativity evolution.
-Shall promote in every way the qualitative alternative tourism that respects the place, the landscape, the people and their history.
-Shall make an end in itself the adoption of a different aesthetic perception and political attitude, away from political parties' arteriosclerotic practices.

In these hard times that we live, let us try to retrieve our dignity as individuals and citizens, by unifying our silent force. We are more than they can imagine. Let us acquire at last our own voice!

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