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Cocktail Bars in Lefkada

Drakatou Maria


At the end of the scenic harbor of Sivota, lies the cafe - club liotrivi. It is a beautiful and very hospitable place, fully in harmony with the natural environment. It is an elegant former mill, inside which the stone and wood dominate. In the lovely courtyard with the wooden pergola and the sweet fragrance of the flowers, the atmosphere is extremely summer! Early in the morning we expect you to enjoy the most delicious breakfast. As lunch is approaching, a rich variety of cold dishes are at your disposal to taste them. The wide choice of cold drinks overlooking the picturesque harbor will fill your most carefree afternoons. When the night falls the liotrivi awakens. The cool cocktails in combination with our music will lift your mood! The hospitable environment and our friendly staff is at your disposal to satisfy your every wish.

Operating period: from 01/04 until 30/10

P.C 31082, Lefkada
Tel: +30 2645031870  
Mob: +30 6977315961

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De Blanck Bob


Enjoy more than 70 different wines and champagne by the glass at the beautiful harbour front in Nidri. We also offer a wide selection of other bubbles by the glass. We have delicious homemade tapas on the menu. Everything is served in a personal and friendly atmosphere. Everyone is welcome at “de Blanck”. We offer wine tastings.

Operating period: From 20/04 to 20/10

P.C 31084, Lefkada
Tel: +30 2645092023  

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Rene Soler & Despina Konstantopoulou


Havana is an idea and Cultural project by the Cuban musician songwriter Rene'Soler & Despina Konstantopoulou, latin music promoter from Black Music S.R.L Italia.
Havana is a Cuban corner in the heart of the old Lefkada town market. When you come near the street where Havana is located, you start to feel like you are in Cuba, and when you enter in the actual place you have finally reached your destination and you are in the capital of Havana city with Cuban music atmosphere among delicious and authentic cocktails with original Ron Havana Club by the Cuban Barman. From June we have live music with Rene'Soler's band.

Havana es una idea y projecto cultural, creado por el musico y compositor musical Rene'Soler y Despina Kosntantopoulou ,cuban & latin musical promoter de Black Music. S.rl Italia. HAVANA es una esquina de Cuba dentro de La ciudad vieja de la isla Lefkada en Grecia, Cuando Ud entra en la calle donde esta' HAVANA, piensas de estar en CUBA y ya dentro Ud esta' en LA HAVANA, en la admosfera musical cubana, los deliciosos autenticos cocktail's hechos con original Ron Havana Club por un Barman Cubano.
Desde Junio se presenta en vivo Rene'Soler Band.
Operating period: Open all year

Dim. Verioti str., P.C 31100, Lefkada
Tel: +30 2645400054  
Mob: +30 6906067216, +30 6946826932

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Tzortzis Nikos & Lagopati Popi

Aghios Nikitas

A nice little bar on the central pedestrian street in Aghios Nikitas. Footstolls on the street and summer atmosphere. You can have beer or cocktails! Gonia is open all day for coffee, snack, juices or alcohol drinks. Most people choose to go to Gonia for the good music and the cozy atmosphere. Don't forget to try the cocktail "Mojito". It might be one of the best you ever had!

P.C 31080, Lefkada
Tel: +30 2645097098  

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Taratsa is one of the most known bars in Lefkada, it is preferred by the locals, but also the foreign sailors. It is located in the entrance of the town of Lefkada near the bridge of Ponte and next to the park of the poets. It will surely be a reference point for your summer entertainment on the island. You'll go for the amazing view but you will stay for the quality cocktails, the special atmosphere and elegant people that choose it for their night out.

D. Golemi st., P.C 31100, Lefkada
Tel: +30 2645022232  

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Chrisafis Zacharias

Aghios Nikitas

Welcome to Captain's Corner where you can enjoy your coffee, always with a view on the Ionian sea. Choose the very beautiful cafeteria also to have your drink at night, always with good music! The owners' that you enjoy as more as possible.

P.C 31080, Lefkada
Tel: +30 2645097493  

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If you are fond of fresh roasted coffee and handmade smoothies, if you love good music and handcrafted cocktails, then you have to visit Joy bar! We serve colorful smoothies, made with fresh fruits and tea from all around the world, in all kind of flavors. Joy is the perfect meeting place for all seasons, as it combines modern techniques with classic recipes in all beverages. We offer an endless list of cocktails. Choose your favorite one and enjoy it, accompanied with the best music choices all year long!You will find us right in the heart of the city, at the cocktail bar’s neighborhood in Lefkada’s main street.

13 Dorpfeld St., P.C 31100, Lefkada
Tel: +30 2645024386  
Mob: +30 6938841963

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Damianis Giorgos


Baccara is located in the main pedestrian street of the old town of Lefkada in Dorpfeld st. It is a small and cozy bar playing all kinds of alternative music, from Jazz to Rock and even Greek music, creating a fun mood. You will have the chance to try some of the best cocktails in the island as well as to meet lots of people. During the summer months be sure to find a free seat early cause otherwise you will be standing! Baccara's advantage is that it is located in a passage way. That means that you will see them and they will see you!

15, Dorpfeld str., P.C 31100, Lefkada
Tel: +30 2645023986  
Mob: +30 6932539363

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Πεντεσπίτης Νίκος


One of the most historic buildings of the western side of town is renovated and turns into an all day cozy hangout!

3 Angelou Sikelianou str., P.C. 31100
Mob: +30 6995781351

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